Dig My Rig, June 2012


I STARTED PLAYING BASS WHEN I WAS 12 YEARS OLD. When I was 22, I hung up the bass to pursue the other things that life had in mind. Essentially, life got in the way. In 2007, I took the bass off the wall and started playing again. I rediscovered the fi re and immediately regretted the 22 years that I wasn’t able to give the bass my undivided attention. Now, at 48, I play part-time in a classic rock/party music band, Wildcard, that specializes in corporate functions.

Pictured is my current rig: A 2001 neck-through Warwick Thumb, a 1999 Warwick FNA Jazzman, an ESP Vintage-4 Standard Series, a mid-’80s Tune Guitar Technology fretless, and a 2006 Epiphone Viola Bass. My amps include a Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine combo, Ashdown Labs Mark King MK500 amp, Markbass CMD 102P 2x10 combo, Markbass STD 104HF 4x10, and a Markbass Standard 151HR 1x15. For effects, I use a Markbass Compressore pedal, Boss BF-3 Flanger, and an Ernie Ball vintage volume pedal. I tune with a Peterson StroboStomp 2 tuner. And I had to include the black leather guitar strap I purchased when I was 12 years old, in 1975. That strap—and the passion of the bass—are still with me! —JEFF STILLIE, ALBERTA, CANADA

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Dig My Rig, July 2012

MY CURRENT BASS RIG INCLUDES THREE Sadowsky 4-strings (an MV4, an MV4-HPJ, and an RV4) that all have Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control (VTC) and drop-D tuners.

DIG MY RIG! June 2011

WITH A 2002 FENDER AMERICAN Deluxe Jazz V (fitted with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups) and a 2009 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Stealth SLO, I can get just about any bass tone I need. The head and single cabinet

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Dig My Rig: October 2012

I LIVE IN A SMALL ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT in Los Angeles with my wife and child, so I have to be as effi cient as possible with space without compromising on the wide palette of sounds I need.