Dig My Rig, March 2012

THOUGH I HAVE A FEW different bass rigs, this is certainly my more unique setup.

THOUGH I HAVE A FEW different bass rigs, this is certainly my more unique setup. On the left is a 2005 Höfner 500/1 ’63 reissue, and on the right is an all-original 1963 Höfner 500/1. That’s the same year and exact specs as the one that Paul McCartney made so famous with that little band from Liverpool. The cab is a reproduction Vox T-100 with two 15” speakers, also the same as the one Paul used in the early years with the Beatles. It’s powered by a Gallien-Krueger 700RB-II head. I’ve been using this rig mainly for a Beatles tribute band (got to have the sound and look, right?), though occasionally I’ll use it on other gigs, as well. The Höfners sound fantastic. Nothing else comes close to the tone that is produced by these little basses—plunky, round, and phat.

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Dig My Rig, July 2012

MY CURRENT BASS RIG INCLUDES THREE Sadowsky 4-strings (an MV4, an MV4-HPJ, and an RV4) that all have Sadowsky Vintage Tone Control (VTC) and drop-D tuners.

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Dig My Rig: October 2012

I LIVE IN A SMALL ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT in Los Angeles with my wife and child, so I have to be as effi cient as possible with space without compromising on the wide palette of sounds I need.


Dig My Rig, March 2011

I HAVE A 1973 FENDER JAZZ BASS (named Sista) with stock pickups and a gold pickguard, and a 2002 KSD 5 string (named Peaches) with Nordstrand pickups and a pickguard I made myself. The rig shown here is my Gallien