Dingwall Super P


The original P has an unmistakable look and tone. It's aggressive mids and percussive attack have made it a staple of popular music for 60 years.
The Super P is our riff on the Classic. We've paid respect to the all important tone signature and added the following enhancements:

• Novax Fanned-fret System and our specially wound strings for the huge, ultra-clear B-string response and balance across the fingerboard that people expect from Dingwall

• Multi-laminated neck to increase stability and decrease dead-spots
• Custom Hipshot tuners - lighter weight, greater string angle at the nut
• Thickness balanced body - better weight distribution and increased resonance
• Dingwall designed bridge (made by Hipshot) - light weight, increases sustain and note clarity
• Dingwall neodymium powered pickups - more power, punch, clarity and frequency range.
• Tone-Fusion(tm) circuit - blends between a traditional tone cap and a passive mid-cut. Sweep from Super-deep dub tones to aggressive P tones to sweet and modern slap tones - all passively
• Active options include the incredible P-retro system from John East UK. 


Sheptone P-Style Pickup

Sheptone, manufacturer of high end guitar pickups, announces the release of their new line of pickups for bass guitar.  The first model available is the P Bass pickup made to replace and upgrade current pickups installed on Fender Precision basses