DragonForce's Frederic Leclercq Picks His 5 Favorite Bass Gods


As DragonForce prepare to unleash their sixth studio album, Maximum Overload, on August 19, BassPlayer.com catches up with bassist Frédéric Leclercq to get his five personal bass gods.

1. Steve Harris

The heavy metal bass player. I grew up listening to Iron Maiden—Steve’s bass lines on the first albums are just amazing. “Wrathchild,” “Killers”—all of them, really.

2. Haruomi Hosono

So much respect for this great artist. I love his [electronic music band] Yellow Magic Orchestra—the bass on the songs “Tong Poo” and “Cosmic Surfin’ ” are so much fun to play and to listen to!

3. Robert Trujillo 

I love the first two Infectious Grooves albums, and Suicidal Tendencies’ Lights Camera Revolution—his work is phenomenal on these albums. I love the bass on “Savor Da Flavor.” 

4. Victor Wooten

A friend of mine showed me a video years ago and my jaw dropped. He’s not only a bass god, but a music god. He plas with such grace and beauty. 

5. Neil Murray

Because of his work with Whitesnake. It is how bass should be: interesting, groovy, great harmonies, especially on the song “Fool for Your Loving”—what a fantastic bass line! 

DragonForce's sixth studio album, Maximum Overload, is due out on August 19, 2014. Check out the first track from the album, "The Game," featuring Trivium's Matt Heafy!


John Campbell of Lamb Of God

 Honestly, I never saw the bass and was like, “I’m going to play bass.” I had friends [and] the opportunity to play music came up…they had a house with stuff set up, and I was playing my friend’s drums with his roommates and the bass playin’ roommate took off for the summer. My friends whose drums they were was like, “Hey, why don’t you just let me play my drums and you can play Mike’s bass rig.” And that was when I was 18, and that’s how I ended up playing bass.