Dub Trio and Circa Survive Collaborate on Bob Marley Cover Produced By Stu Brooks (LISTEN)

In an effort to aid the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Circa Survive has teamed up with Dub Trio to put out a cover of Bob Marley's "Chances Are"
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In an effort to aid the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Circa Survive has teamed up with Dub Trio to put out a cover of Bob Marley's "Chances Are" and are donating all of the proceeds to the Hurricane Relief Fund. The song features Stu Brooks of Dub Trio on bass, who also produced the track. Listen and download here:

From Brendan Ekstrom (Circa Survive):

Some of my most romanticized memories are from when I was a young boy in St. Thomas. I haven’t been back for twenty years but I remember the islands as breathtakingly beautiful, with wild rolling hills and beautiful beaches. Colorful fish. Men spearhunting for octopus. What I remember most are the music. Steel drums reverberating while rhythms through parks and the twisting trees I so loved to climb. And the other thing I remember was how it rained. Brief but powerful. Most days you could see it coming for miles before the grey was all encompassing and the sound of drumming water laid mute the rest of the world. I’ve always been awed by the offset power and beauty of storms. But mostly I’ve been slightly afraid. So much so that when I lived in Florida, I would leave during hurricane season to stay somewhere the hatches weren’t needed. And so in some way this song goes out to those who are braver than me. Those who stay.

Almost four months after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, many people are still without electricity, clean water and proper health care. As a result people are leaving Puerto Rico in record numbers. A quick google search will reveal the struggles still being faced by the people who stay.

The islands were a huge part of my childhood and Circa Survive has long been a vehicle for helping the causes we care about. This collaboration involved quite a few people many of whom have strong ties to Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Many of you have already donated to this cause over the past few months which is amazing but the recovery efforts will continue for sometime. Any small or large donations we can offer can still have a huge impact on those rebuilding their lives.

Recently I became obsessed with a Bob Marley song called “Chances Are”. Bob Marley has always been one of my favorite artists. Somehow I had missed this song along the way. The more I listened to it the more I pictured Anthony singing it. Circa put together a rough recording of the track and Anthony along with two close friends, Juliana Storozuk and Larissa Hopwood, went to track vocals with Will Yip. After hearing the amazing tracks they laid down I started thinking the music could use something more to really solidify the music. Circa could do this ourselves but we were leaving for tour at the time and I thought perhaps if we involved another group of people that this cause might reach a wider audience. I contacted Stu Brooks on instagram. We had never met but I explained to him that I was a huge fan of Dub Trio and some of his other work. Stu was excited about the pairing and the project and brought together a wonderful group of musicians who painted an amazing backdrop for the song. I love how this turned out and I hope you do to. Please donate what you can. We can make a difference.

released January 16, 2018
Chances Are
Written Bob Marley
Performed by Circa Survive and Dub Trio
Produced by Stu Brooks
With Will Yip and Joel Hamilton
Mixed by Joel Hamilton
Engineered by Joel Hamilton at Studio G - Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, NYC

Anthony Green - Vocals
Brendan Ekstrom - Guitar
DP Holmes - Guitar
Stu Brooks - Bass
Dan Rieser - Drums
The Parkington Sisters - Strings and String Arrangements
Background Vocals - Juliana Storokuz and Larissa Hopwood
Artwork by Esao Andrews

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