Duff McKagan, a huge Prince fan by his own admission, was filmed this week unboxing the new reissue of 1999, the late singer's 1982 album. Released as a multi-LP package by Warner, the new box set features liner notes by Duff and other industry personnel.

Duff told BP a while back that “I was completely enamoured by Prince. I was at that age when I played drums, guitar and bass, and this guy was only six years older than me, making his own records and playing everything. There was such a groove.”

See Duff unboxing the 1999 reissue below.



Duff McKagan Basses Loaded

THE THREE WORDS MOST COMMONLY associated with Duff McKagan are Guns N’ Roses—but from a purely musical point of view, they could easily be “feel n’ groove.” McKagan’s early and acute perception of these all-important ingredients lies in the listening habits of his seven older siblings, whose records he heard growing up in Seattle.