Exclusive Track Debut: "Smithereens" from Bassist Peat Rains and You Bred Raptors?

Queens, NY-based experimental post-rock act You Bred Raptors? release “Smithereens” from their forthcoming album, International Genetics, due June 22.
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Photo by: Thomas Lee

Queens, New York-based experimental post-rock act You Bred Raptors? is sharing the exclusive debut of the track “Smithereens” from their forthcoming album, International Genetics, due June 23.

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Founded by bassist Peat Rains in 2010, YBR? feature 8-string bass, cello, glockenspiel, and drums. An all-instrumental orchestration, the ensemble curates a unique sound that caters to audiences ranging from film-makers, circus performers, prog/metal/rock/classical music fans to thousands of passersby in the subway stations.

From Rains:

“‘Smithereens’ is our new album epilogue song comprised of 8-string bass, cello, drums, vibraphones, and glockenspiels. The song was originally written as a solo bass piece and showcases fingerpicking as a focal point in the first half and layered bass looping in the second. My approach to bass has never been conventional and treating the bass as a songwriting tool as opposed to accompaniment will always be divisive. Having an extended range and working with harmonies in the upper register might offend some of the die-hard traditionalists but I believe in coloring outside the lines. I respect and love the young history of the bass guitar but have always tried to push boundaries and convey emotions in ways that felt natural to me. I won't ever have the light fingers of Jaco or the impeccable timing of Wooten. But I can write a song that will make you cry like you got dumped on prom night. Some of our other songs take a more foundational approach with the bass but given my range, sometimes I'm tasked with double and triple duty. This song is a climactic and epic score to a short film that hasn't been written or filmed yet."

Listen to “Smithereens” here:

Rains continues: “You Bred Raptors? will be heading out on a month long U.S. tour in May for our new album "International Genetics." I've recently been endorsed by MojoHand FX and Cusack Music, and will be testing out and demoing new pedals from them on the road. We'll be continuing to busk underground, scoring some independent films, and working with Adult Swim this summer. And I'll be overseeing the new build for a custom 8-string bass from Lea Basses after a recent full sponsorship. But we're leaving a big chunk of our time available in case anyone wants us to score the next Jurassic World film. Just throwing that out there…”