Gary Willis Introduces The 'Groove A Day' App

Watch, learn and play along as one of the most dynamic rhythm sections in music today, Gary Willis & Gergo Borlai, demonstrate how to play and develop different grooves every day for a year.
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Groove A Day sets out to change how musicians gain experience.

The essence of Groove A Day can be found in the mission statement on the App’s website: 

They say that experience can’t be taught . . . but I think this app might be able to change that.
To me, grooves are living, breathing, organic things that develop and evolve. Music is more impactful when it employs momentum, crescendos and plateaus to help the listener, soloist and band feel like it’s arrived to a place of intensity and excitement very different from where it started.

The 365 grooves in this app represent more than 12 hours of continuous music. Every groove (2 minutes each) starts with a basic foundation. This foundation is maintained while fills, subdivisions and additional elements are added until an exciting “release” version of the groove is achieved towards the end. To earn these destinations requires a “groove vocabulary”. Drummers and bassists can develop their vocabulary and sharpen their skills by imitating what was recorded and by experimenting within this demanding rhythm section environment. Additionally, soloists from any instrument can use the app to learn how to shape their solos, leading a dynamic rhythm section to its high point.

Through imitation, experimentation and the challenge of mirroring the intensity level achieved in these grooves provides a learning environment that compresses years of experience into a single app – Groove A Day, a different groove every single day for a year.

In decades of teaching, Gary Willis has observed that the information overload on the internet still hasn’t solved the fundamental problem of how to gain experience. The solution: this app, in total, provides over 12 hours of 365 realistic, unique musical environments where the music comes alive, grooves, grows and crescendos. Every groove starts simple and gets pushed to eleven, demanding a command of timing, feel, subdivisions, fills, and dynamics for whoever plays along.

Bassists and drummers put themselves in the middle of the action by muting their instrument in the audio mixer. Soloists from any instrument can get the experience of leading a world class rhythm section to the intense levels every groove achieves.

- All the grooves are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced ability levels.
- Styles include Funk, Pop, Rock, RnB, Drum n Bass, Blues and more.
- Every groove has a practice section where the user can loop the basic groove and slow down the tempo if necessary in order to prepare for playing along.
- Each groove has 5 camera angles to choose from: Main Video, Drums Overhead, Drums Feet, Bass Left Hand, Bass Right Hand.

To get introduced to the format, Groove A Day app is free and the first 3 grooves are free. With individual grooves at ¢.99, the price of a lesson (50$) will get you over an hour and a half of grooves with enough variety to challenge and reward any player.

Groove A Day provides a rich learning environment that compresses years of experience into a single app – Groove A Day, a different groove every day for a year. 

App store: Groove A Day


Contact: Gary Willis