Help Stu Hamm Release His New Bass Album "The Diary of Patrick Xavier"

Be an important part of Stu Hamm's new Solo Bass CD and US Tour, "The Diary of Patrick Xavier"
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From Stu Hamm:

I am looking to raise funds to help me complete my new project, a deeply personal Solo Bass CD based on my real life experiences, (and one AMAZING coincidence), that happened to me over the last few years. You see...I found this Diary in a Hotel in Italy. The author, "Patrick Xavier" had been going through many things that were completely different, yet EXACTLY THE SAME as what I had been going through on my Journey. So I just HAD to write Solo Bass pieces comparing his writings and my musical reactions to our shared experiences...

I'm looking ro raise $15,000.00 and it breaks down this way:








If I exceed my goal, I will be able to greatly upgrade the packaging of the CD to include a booklet with the short stories and photographs that accompany each song of this intensely personal project.

There are Packages for all ranges of contributions...You can help Produce the CD on many levels, and you can be involved in the creative process.

You can order Pre-released and signed copies of the CD, Meet me and come see me on Tour this Feb-April in the US with VIP Tour Packages. Take Skype lessons. Have me play on YOUR project or at a private concert in the LA area.

This project means so much to me, and you ALL know how the Music Industry is becoming more challenging for Artists like myself. So please spread the word, and know that all contributions will be GREATLY appreciated...and will help me see this musical vision from my brain to your ears. 

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