Help Support Bassist Sekou Bunch Recover From a Severe Car Accident

Sekou Bunch, a world renowned musician and bassist, was severely injured in a car crash caused by a reckless driver this past September.
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Sekou Bunch, a world renowned musician and bassist, was severely injured in a car crash caused by a reckless driver this past September.

Following the accident, Sekou was in serious condition and was treated for a broken hip, as well as a severe concussion and multiple contusions. But his recovery is far from over. Sekou has undergone a complicated, painful, and possibly damaging surgery to mend his hip socket, or a possible hip replacement. The recovery process might take more than 6 months according to his doctor’s prognosis.

Sekou has always had a deep love for the community— he launched music programs at two charter schools, where he was serving as a Music Program Director before the tragedy struck. He also taught at-risk teens on the weekends and attended all their live performances. In addition, he just finalized a production of his Michael Jackson Tribute recording, working with over 75 artists, engineers, and musicians as an Executive Producer, as well as artist. The Tribute is scheduled for 2017 release.

His busy career was abruptly halted by the accident, and all his projects had to be put on hold due to the mounting medical costs, which include surgery, post-surgery rehab, in-home nursing, and physical and occupational therapy.

Immobilized, Sekou was forced to cancel his performances with The Brothers Johnson Group due to his injuries, which put him in financial hardship.

Sekou lost his ability to walk and is wheelchair bound, which means he needs someone to drive him around.
After the surgery, Sekou will also need psychiatric therapy to deal with the trauma caused by his near death experience.

Sekou is in the early stages of the healing process. Please help Sekou and his family with his recovery and mounting financial costs! He’s helped the community so much in the past, and now needs your help to survive without income while he recovers. Every dollar counts! Your donation—no matter how big or small—is a blessing.

If you are unable to support this fund, please help Sekou spread the word and share his story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email it to your friends, etc. Sekou and his family are endlessly grateful for your thoughts, prayers, love, and support through his tragic ordeal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story and thank you for your help! God Bless!

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