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BAjiSSimo is an Online Music Academy and Blog, dedicated to serve and teach bass players from all Latin America and Spain.
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BAjiSSimo is an Online Music Academy and Blog, dedicated to serve and teach bass players from all Latin America and Spain. Our founder and main teacher is Marco “Chiqui” Ortiz. Ortiz has been a double bass player for the Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra for over 35 years and an electric bass and double bass player for the Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra as well.

He has played with world known artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Rick Michel, Paul Wilbur, Chano Dominguez, El Consorcio, Pablo Milanes and many more.

He also has been a music teacher for over 30. Ortiz founded BAjiSSimo as a bass player’s school in Costa Rica in the year 2000, teaching more than 100 students in Costa Rica in just a couple of years. In 2012 he and his son, Esteban Ortiz, founded as a website dedicated to teach bass guitar and music to the Latin-American market.

Over 30,000 bass players from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and many other countries have been a part of the free online courses and seminars that BAjiSSimo has done over this years.

Up to this date (November 2017), BAjiSSimo has over 30,000 Email Subscribers, over 14,700 Youtube Subscribers and over 48,000 Facebook Followers and each one of this audiences increases every day.

In BAjiSSimo, bass players find different learning tools and content, like our free blog where they can find practice exercises, artist articles, interviews, podcasts, free lessons and more. Also there’s a premium membership where they can access courses, lessons, live webinars, Q&A sessions and more. There’s new content on the website every week, free and premium.

For more visit: BAjiSSimo



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