Jaco Pastorius Performs "America the Beautiful" Bass Solo (VIDEO)

Jaco Pastorius performs a solo into "America the Beautiful"
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Here's a look at Jaco Pastorius playing a unique version of "America the Beautiful" in a way that only he could. This footage was captured on July 28th, 1984: 

And here's Jaco performing "America" from his Modern Bass Instruction Video featuring Kenwood Dennard on drums: 


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Jaco Pastorius needs no introduction. He was an innovator, a virtuoso of monstrous proportions, and a truly unique personality. Self-taught on multiple instruments (bass included), Jaco overcame an early and debilitating arm injury, a youth of poverty, and an initial backlash to his bass technique to become the legendary musician he's remembered as today.

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Recorded "completely, totally, unapologetically and insanely live" during Weather Report's mythic concert heydays from 1978-1981, The Legendary Live Tapes showcases the group's classic line-up of Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (saxophone), Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Peter Erskine (drums) and Robert Thomas, Jr. (Hand Drums) at the peak of their collective powers.