John Patitucci Takes His New Yamaha Custom Bass Out For a Spin (VIDEO)

John Patitucci Shows Off His New Bass and Utilizes it For His First Show of The Tour in Japan

We've been seeing a rise in the use of semi-hollowbody 6-string basses as of recent, thanks to bassists such as Anthony Jackson, Thundercat and of course, John Patitucci. On his recent album, Brooklyn, Patitucci opted to go with his electric quartet, which served as the perfect opportunity to debut his brand new Yamaha Custom Semi-Hollow Bass.

Watch Patitucci demonstrate the beautiful tone of his beast of a bass in this video: 

And to check out Patitucci and his bass in action in a live format, here is footage of the first show of his 2015 tour from the Cotton Club in Japan on May 30th (Patitucci switches to the 6-string at the :37 mark): 


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Patitucci's Custom Bass

John's New Album, Brooklyn

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