Kala Adds New U-BASS to S-U-B Fleet


Kala Brand Music Co. adds more bass with less space with the addition of the Cherry Burst solid body S-U-B U-BASS. The Cherry Burst is the latest offering in Kala's Subductive Series of 21"-scale Solid Body U-Basses. The Kala S-U-B U-BASS series is available in four string fretted models that also include Sunburst, Red, and Black finishes. Kala has begun producing all colors in the S-U-B series in a gloss finish. All Kala U-Basses are inspected and set up in the USA and are Kala Technician Approved.

Kala S-U-B basses are very portable and meet airline carry on requirements. Other features include a Shadow pickup system with volume control and 2 band EQ, Custom Hipshot Tuners, and a Custom Deluxe Gig bag.

The name Subductive (S-U-B for short) is inspired by the term used to describe how the Mariana Trench, the deepest known point in the Pacific Ocean, was created. Kala's proprietary polyurethane strings produce incredible bottom end that has been described as seismic.

"The Kala Solid Body U-Bass is a true innovation in the world of bass", according to Hutch Hutchinson, longtime bassist for Bonnie Raitt."They are really fun to play, sound great live or in the studio, and are extremely portable."

For more information, visit www.ubass.com or email contact@kalabrandmusic.com. 


Kala Solid Body U-Bass

Kala Brand Music Co. delivers more bass with less space with the introduction of the revolutionary Solid Body U Bass. The solid body design is the next step in the evolution of Kala's line of 21 inch scale bass instruments

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Tech Voices: Kala Brand Music's U-Bass

In 2005, Public interest in the ukulele (correctly pronounced oo-ku-LEH-leh) was just beginning to build, but Kala Brand Music founder Mike Upton had been watching the trend for several years from his former position as a Hawaii-based salesman with Hohner.