The Japanese bass ace returns with her latest solo album

Japanese-based bass player, Kiyoshi, has made a name for herself for her impressive playing, which features both aggressive slap and melodic lead lines. Her services have been spotlighted with her long tenure of touring in Marty Friedman's band and also with her solo work, of which she is preparing to release her latest installment, KIYOSHI3

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The album is set for release on September 7th in Japan and worldwide in October. 

About Kiyoshi: She started playing the piano when she was a little girl and the first time she played the bass was when she was 15 years old. In addition to an activity of her own band, she plays for multiple musicians not only in Japan but around the world. She is participating in a large number of live shows and recordings.

She is a bassist of Marty Friedman's world tour since September 2015. June 2016, appeared as Onihime in the movie"TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" directed by Kankuro Kudo. August 2016, Kiyoshi became the first rock-bassist in Japan who has made a contract of endorsement with the bass company Warwick. September 2016, released her first solo-album "KIYOSHI". October 2017, released her 2nd solo-album "KIYOSHI2".

Kiyoshi mainly uses 5-string basses. Her performance technique and her original style of play, especially powerful and percussive slaps, are highly praised by many musicians. Kiyoshi has a bold performance and insistent presence beyond comparison. She also has deep knowledge in equipments because of the experience of the lecturer at the guitar craft school lecturer.

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