The Guitar Shop NYC is a collaborative music space serving as the official showroom for La Bella Strings, Mas Hino NYC, James Cobra Carbonetti Guitars and home to Fluency 34

The Guitar Shop NYC presents "The Builders Showcase"! We've gathered some of the finest local guitar and bass builders from the area to show off their very best creations. This unique opportunity will allow players to mingle with their favorite builders and play the latest they have to offer. The Guitar Shop NYC will be offering great amps and pedals to plug into during the event. Party to follow! 


Featured builders include Mas Hino James Cobra Carbonetti MTD Kingston Basses F Bass - Handmade Bass Guitars LH Mccurdy BassesFodera Guitars Joe Kruse Guitars Cindy Guitars FSC Guitars Rick Turner Guitars Protocaster Guitars M Basses L.e. H. Guitars and many more!

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