Lauren "LT" Taneil (Beyonce) and The GG's Release New Video For Debut Single “On & On” (VIDEO)

The GG’s have released their first music video for their debut single “On & On” that is a mash up of pop and funk

Sister Trio “The GG’s” release new video for debut single “On & On”

If you were to combine bright orange, against a rich turquoise and ripe raspberry on a blank canvas, it would translate sonically to melodic keys set against a funky bass line, featuring electric drums; bold and beautiful. This combination, whether on canvas, onstage or smiling in sync from a photo is definitively the GG’s.

Sisters English, Chyna and Lauren Taneil (Elle Tee) are the equivalent of bright colors juxtaposed against bold sound that creates harmonious beauty. Its different but it works. Hailing from Peoria, IL sisters; Taneil, English, and Chyna are the fruit of a musical union. Their father Michi Robinson, was a part of a band that ate, breathed and slept music; it helped that he fell for a songbird with the same DNA as himself. Their future was a vision in their father’s eyes from before the girls were elementary age. Music was the family’s bloodline; it connected them, pushed them through good and bad times, creating an unbreakable foundation. When asked what their father was preparing them for, the response was instinctive, “It was never a question of why; music was just what we did.” Although the The GG’s stands for God’s Grace, the dynamic trio enjoys playing several genres of music, including but not limited to R&B, Pop, & Gospel.

In the midst of pursuing their career as a band, Taneil has been playing bass for Beyoncé, while Chyna and English both did numerous gigs playing and singing for several artists.

On July 17, 2015, “The GG’s” released their first music video for their debut single “On & On” a mash up of pop and funk, full of feminine energy and youthfulness via their YouTube channel. In the video the girls display how infectious great music is. “It sounds like fun,” the girls explain simply. It’s the perfect introduction for the bold; yet beautiful sound that is the GG’s.

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