Learn The Carol Kaye Bass Sound & Techniques on This Edition of Reverb Bass Tricks

Get the inside scoop on the sounds and technique secrets of the legendary Carol Kaye.
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One of the most famous bass players you've never heard of is Carol Kaye. She is a session player whose skill and style helped to reshape the role of bass guitar in music and her work in the "Wrecking Crew" resulted in hundreds of hit songs from Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra to the Monkee's. In this video, Jeremy Kay discusses her bass guitar sound, her amp sound and her playing technique.

Performed by Jeremy Kay

Gear Used:
Fender Super Reverb:
Fender Precision Bass:

Songs Played:
0:00 - "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys
1:45 - Bass Set-Up and Amplifier
2:50 - Picking Technique
3:08 - "I Chose to Play the Blues" by Ray Charles
4:47 - "Feel So Bad" by Ray Charles
5:12 - Playing Approach
6:25 - "I Was Made to Love Her" by Stevie Wonder 

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Learn to Play: Riffs in the Key of Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius needs no introduction. He was an innovator, a virtuoso of monstrous proportions, and a truly unique personality. Self-taught on multiple instruments (bass included), Jaco overcame an early and debilitating arm injury, a youth of poverty, and an initial backlash to his bass technique to become the legendary musician he's remembered as today.

Technique Tip: New Tricks

GETTING BETTER AT BASS INVOLVES DIGESTING HUGE AMOUNTS OF new information, but it’s just as important to unlearn the bad stuff. Most of us picked up the bass without much initial guidance, and even though subsequent study can illuminate a better path, our individual approach is often cemented in those early moments of discovery. One extraordinarily common habit is to rest the forearm on the bass’s body, like in Fig. 1. I do it almost all the time if I’m playing with a traditional fingerstyle technique. Unfortunately, this is a perfect recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that occurs when the passageway of bone and ligament at the base of the wrist compresses the median nerve. If that weren’t scary enough, the forearm muscles weakened position seems to rob the plucking hand of strength. Try the approach in Fig. 2, lifting the forearm off the bass. For me, it feels a little awkward, but I believe it’s technically a better option.