Louis Johnson Performs Live with Quincy Jones (Full Concert VIDEO)

Louis Johnson holds down the low end for Quincy Jones in this 1981 footage

On tour with Quincy Jones in Japan, Louis got to hang with his hero Ray Brown, who was also with Quincy. “He would stand off in the wings and watch when I was playing,” Louis told Bill Gibson for his 2010 book, Q on Producing. “He taught me how to play a walking bass part without repeating the same thing over and over—how to change the scale around and how to keep it interesting.”

Quincy Jones: Keyboards, Conductor
Jean "Toots" Thielmans: Harmonica, Guitar
Patti Austin: Vocal
James Ingram: Vocal
Vivien Cherry: Vocal
Peggy Lipton Jones: Vocal
Janna Tyler: Vocal
Carlos Rios: Lead Guitar
Louis Johnson: Bass
Rod Temperton: Synthesizer & Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards
Jerome Richardson: Soprano Saxophone & Flute
Peter Christlieb: Saxophone
Jerry Hey: Flugelhorn
John Robinson: Drums
Ollie Brown: Percussion
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