Mike Dirnt of Green Day Discusses His Fender Bassman 800 Amp (VIDEO)

Green Day’s Mike Dirnt Talks Rig/Bassman 800, Juggling Music & Fatherhood, Donates Fender Bass Guitars to Schools
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This video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at Green Day bassist and co-founder, Mike Dirnt's, bass rig (including the Fender Bassman 800 head) and Mike's life - from musical inspirations and receiving his first bass from Billie Joe to juggling the hectic life of a musician on top of fatherhood. 

"I'm a dad," he says. "I get up. I'm awake before my whole family. Take the kids to school. Kids will balance you from being a dad and a rockstar. They'll humble you real quick, but they keep you young. Kids look at everything like it's the big picture."

Mike continues to give back to the music community in Los Angeles. With Fender's support, Mike recently donated 12 bass guitars to Los Angeles Unified School District, broadening student access to quality musical instruments, so kids can continue to learn and grow their music abilities. He's also a huge Star Wars fan. Enough said.

Fender Bassman 800 

Designed for the ultimate bass playing experience, it offers two versatile channels, classic good looks, and ultra-musical Fender tube tones—all in a lightweight chassis (17 lbs/7.7kg). Mixed with modern and classic features including, an XLR Line Output, Speakon® Connectors, Effects Loops, Footswitch, Overdrive Channel, and Fender Tube Circuitry, this amp head is an easily portable powerhouse with flexible, thunderous tone.

Learn more about the new Fender Bassman 800 here: FENDER