Miles "The Shoe" Schuman: Sole Power

For the rock & roll elite strutting the red carpet at Bass Player LIVE! 2014, one junior journalist was sure to stand out: 14-year-old Miles “The Shoe” Schuman.
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For the rock & roll elite strutting the red carpet at Bass Player LIVE! 2014, one junior journalist was sure to stand out: 14-year-old Miles “The Shoe” Schuman. After a fortuitous meeting with Rudy Sarzo at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp—before he was even old enough to attend—Schuman was inspired to start his own online radio show. He’s since become a regular at the Camp, and built an impressive catalogue of interviews with A-listers on bass and beyond.

You’re a bass player yourself. How did you get your start?

I’ve been playing since I was about eight. Now I take lessons with Robert Sarzo, Rudy’s brother. We get together when he’s not on the road with Geoff Tate’s Queensrÿche.

How did you get started with the radio show?

A family friend who is a radio host stayed at our house once and did his show from there. I wanted to start my own show, so I looked online and found Blog Talk Radio. Rudy was my first interview, and then I interviewed a bunch of councilors from the Fantasy Camp. Eventually the show became the top rock show on Blog Talk Radio.

What’s your setup?

It’s pretty simple: I have a Mac computer, a 4-channel mixer, and a microphone. I do it through Spreaker, which has a virtual DJ console, and I take call-ins through Skype.

What kinds of experiences have you had at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp?

I’ve played “War Machine” [by AC/DC] with Gene Simons singing, and I got to teach Dave Ellefson the bass line to “God of Thunder” [by Kiss]. Learning from the legends and getting to play with them is amazing.

What’s next for you?

I’ve started writing music with a singer from a big Canadian rock band—I’d rather not say the name just yet. And my radio show recently changed to a longer format on the CMS Radio Network. You can find everything I’m up to on Facebook, Twitter, and my website,



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