The Canadian bassist opts for Reference and Forte gear

Bergantino Audio Systems has announced the addition of bassist Mitch Starkman to the Bergantino artist roster. Starkman, from Toronto, Canada, has recorded album projects for successful artists on major labels as well as independent releases. “I have a Reference 2x10” cab, a Reference 1x12” cab, and a Forte head,” he says. “The natural basic sound of this rig is accurate and transparent to my bass which is what it’s all about for me.” 

Asked about his career, Mitch tells us: “I’ve appeared on JUNO winning albums, commercial work, and numerous independent releases. I probably can’t count the number of demos also to add to that. On the live side I’ve done the large arena, big stage, club circuit, and small venues of course. My influences would be Anthony Jackson, Marcus Miller, Pino Palladio, Jaco, Peter Cetera, Chris Squire, Nathan East, James Jamerson, Gino Vanelli, Ian Anderson, Paul McCartney, Steve Gadd, Ralphe Armstrong, Coltrane, Tom Johnston, Herbie Hancock and a hundred more. Really, it’s anyone who has moved me in some deep way with their talent and expression.”

He adds: “I have a sensitive ear and am pretty particular on the way I like my tone. My bias is for transparency and a natural organic sound. This is the main reason why I’ve gone to Bergantino head and cabs. When I plug into this rig I hear my bass the way it sounds when I use a pretty direct recording chain. Although every situation or piece of equipment you plug into colours your bass to some degree after years of hearing my instruments through a short recording chain I got to know how they basically sound like as instruments, and when I plug into Bergantino that’s what I hear. Sold! If I’m going to spend all this time and energy and money into getting the bass specs perfect for what I wanted in any instrument, that’s what I want to hear come out of an amp. I believe in getting the flavour of my tone from the bass specs and my hands, and the amp should just reproduce that as accurately as possible. Currently, when I do want to color my tone significantly I tend to use a tone shaping direct box with tubes or otherwise.”

More information on Mitch and his Bergantino gear: