“Music Theory for the Bass Player” By Ariane Cap Brings Music Theory to Life on the Fretboard

“I wanted to give the bassist an all-you-need-to-know of the topic, apply it on the fretboard, practice it in a systematic fashion and inspire creative use of these concepts right away”, says bassist and educator Ariane Cap.
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New Book “Music Theory for the Bass Player”: Ariane Cap’s Concise and Comprehensive Guide Brings Music Theory to Life on the Fretboard 

“I wanted to give the bassist an all-you-need-to-know of the topic, apply it on the fretboard, practice it in a systematic fashion and inspire creative use of these concepts right away," says bassist and educator Ariane Cap. 

 “I have seen many bassists struggle with incoherent music theory knowledge: disconnected from the bass or the music a bassist typically plays, it turned into something to think about in addition to playing. It occured to me what a missed opportunity it is to learn theory away from the instrument.”

“Plus, some books are filled with pages of arpeggios and scales, and - while reading is of course an important skill - not every bassist is comfortable with a score in front of them. Learning to read on top of learning theory may be too much at once. Many bassists come more from learning by ear and from getting shapes under their fingers. I wanted to teach music theory supporting that approach.”

Music Theory for the Bass Player...
• Is packed with fretboard diagrams, musical examples and exercises
• Offers a comprehensive and in-depth compendium of the theory the bassist needs
• Does not solely rely on standard notation
• Puts the theoretic concepts into the context of groove playing
• Extensive and detailed photo demonstrations show why relaxed posture and optimized fingering are vital for good tone, timing and chops

Cap, who has a knack for tongue-in-cheek quiz questions, funny mnemonics and tricks from learning psychology, manages to keep the in-depth material moving along, entertaining and engaging. She is also building a video library demonstrating concepts in the book at arisbassblog.com.

Bassist and educator Kai Eckhardt says about the book: “Ariane has accomplished nothing less than a flawless road map from the microcosm of basic building blocks to the macrocosm of advanced comprehension. The book's holistic methodology skillfully combines the unavoidable facts of music with an elegant psychological approach to the art of learning itself.”

Music Theory for the Bass Player is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. To order signed copies from the author directly, visit arianecap.com

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Austrian Ariane Cap is an in-demand live and session bassist, educator, author and blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cap, who is also releasing a course on pentatonics for the online powerhouse TrueFire this month (called Pentatonic Playground for Bass), teaches in the Bay Area and internationally as well as via truefire.com online. She can be reached at arianecap.com 






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