Nathan Peck Releases Debut Single "NYC Hotbed"


From jazz to rock to hip hop, bassist Nathan Peck has been deeply planted in the New York City music scene and has performed with a wide array of players from the likes of Alex Skolnick and Vernon Reed to Ari Hoenig and Donny McCasslin. He's also a regular in the Nickel & Dime Ops crew, Shahin Novrasli Trio and has been seen backing up Bonnie Tyler, Mark Murphy, Maynard Ferguson and Sting in his 24 year career.

Nathan is now focusing on his own music more than ever with his debut release, "NYC Hotbed" which will be available 7/2/2015 via high quality digital download.

"Being a recording artist has helped me to develop an entirely customized set of skills and patience" Nathan says of his recording endeavors. "When it's your own music, some things seem hyper crucial and later on not so much. In the end, you hope you have your masterpiece as you envisioned it. You hope you didn't forget anything you wanted to do, because after all, once it's out there, it's for real!"

Nathan further comments on his new release:
"This is a hard hitting jammi jam of funk, rock and hip hop rolled into some heavy butter sauce and tossed into an iron skillet full of hot grease from the streets! This track also represents the joys and struggles that artists and musicians encounter making a life in the big apple."

"NYC Hotbed" is now available at Nathan's bandcamp page
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