GR Bass’s new DUAL series feature two separate channels, one of which is completed by a professional overdrive for a range of slight saturation to massive distortion. Each channel is provided with a four-band EQ with six selectable frequencies on the mid controls, plus deep and bright filters.

The GR Bass DUAL offers the possibility to connect two instruments (two basses or one bass and keyboard, etc) but also the option of using one instrument with the possibility of switching between two equalization settings or combining them. The system is completed by two DI’s on the back to send two separate signals. When using two instruments, each instrument (and channel) can be sent to the house independently or mixed.

The GR Bass DUAL is completed by an optional dedicated pedal board (with Cat-5 connection) that allows you to manage all the functions as an alternative to the controls on the head. Additional features include an Overdrive circuit (Low Filter, Drive, Blend, Drive Mod), Dual SpeakOn combi-jacks, Onboard Tuner/VU-Meter, Line Output Level controls, Headphone Output w/ Level control, Effects Send/Return, 9-volt supply for pedals and a USB charger port. While both DUAL amps are 12.25” x 10.25” x 3.5”, the DUAL800 is 6.5 lbs and the DUAL1400 clocks in at 7.5 lbs.


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Soul Fingers: Donald "Duck" Dunn Biography Now Available

Written by bassist and researcher Nick Rosaci, with help from Duck's family, friends, and music compatriots, the book presents a piece of history that documents not only the triumphs and tragedies of Duck's amazing life, but also uncovers the magic behind the "soul fingers" that plucked a thousand timeless grooves.