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Markbass unveiled its new products for 2012 at a press conference at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California on January 19th. Included are three new heads and four new effect pedals. Here’s an overview:

Big Bang

A 500W microhead, 4.7 lbs, with a solid-state preamp and a cutting-edge new design of digital power amp that delivers the warmth of analog; aux in, headphone out with level control, and footswitch-controlled mute and EQ filters.

TTE 800

An 800W version of the popular TTE 500 Randy Jackson signature head, with tube preamp, tube compressor, tube-driven colour (VLE) contour and Tube Technology Emulator power amp. Rich, tubey, vintage tone with less weight, less expense, and more reliability!

MoMark Black 500 / MoMark Black 800

A sleek black tube preamp head with a choice of either 500W (analog) or 800W (digital) power amps,four-band EQ with two bands of semi-parametric mids, mute switch, VLE and VPF filters and a natural-sounding bi-band limiter.

MB7 Booster

7-band graphic EQ and clean boost of up to +20 dB; runs on 9V or 12V or 9V battery; true bypass.

MB7 Distorsore

Distortion with 7-band EQ for customizing your distorted tone. Runs on 9V or 12V or 9V battery; true bypass.

MB Mini Boost

A slim-design clean boost pedal (up to +20 dB) with VPF (low and high boost, mid cut), true bypass; runs on 9V or 12V, fits on any pedalboard!

MB Mini Dist

In the same compact design, a distortion pedal with two tone controls for a wide variety of sounds. True bypass, runs on 9V or 12V.


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