Nik West Pulls Out All The Stops During Her Live Bass Jam (VIDEO)

Nik West shows her skills during a bass jam with drummer Dowell Davis (George Benson)

At 25-years-old, bassist Nik West already has a resume that would make any musician swoon. Having worked with Prince, John Mayer, and Dave Stewart (to name a few), and appearing on Glee and American Idol, West has gained praise for her electrifying playing, her booming voice, and her larger-than-life stage presence. 

In this clip, West shows her skills with drummer Dowell Davis (George Benson) during one of her live sets. She even gives nods to Jaco and Prince during this jam: 

And in case you're not familiar with West's work, here is a little introduction...

And if that's not enough reason to hop on her bandwagon, this quote from Soul Train should pretty much seal the deal: "She wears a colorful mohawk shaped like a bass clef on her head." We promise you that that phrase has never been uttered before. 

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