Original Metallica Bassist Sells Rare Flyer on eBay

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Ron McGovney, Metallica's original bass player, recently sold a rare Metallica concert flyer from 1982 on eBay for $521. According to McGovney, "I was in charge of printing the band flyers when I was the bassist for Metallica in 1982. When we printed our first flyers for our gig in March of 1982, I gave some to my friend Jimmy K. to give out at Downey High School in Downey, CA. He gave some of the flyers and put the rest in a folder and put them in his closet. They ended up in a box in his parents' garage. I knew that he had some flyers and I was talking to him recently about them and he sent me a few. He sent me four of the very first flyer from Metallica's first show at Radio City in Anaheim, CA on March 14, 1982. The second show at the Woodstock on March 26, 1982 was canceled. These flyers are original. They are not photocopies from originals. Any Metallica collector knows that this is the holy grail of Metallica flyers."

McGovney, who appeared on Metallica's early demos and performed live with the band before departing in late 1982, also plans to sell the other three flyers on eBay.

The original eBay listing can be viewed here