Paul McCartney Credits Kanye West For His Newfound Success and Fame

In a Candid Interview, Paul McCartney Praises Kanye West For Helping Him Finally Get His Big Break

In an interview with Bass Player Magazine, Paul McCartney opened up about his recent overnight fame thanks largely in part to his collaboration with rapper and producer, Kanye West. It was West, after all, who brought on McCartney to collaborate on the track "Only One" that also featured popular singer Rihanna. The single became an instant hit and out of nowhere McCartney was finally experiencing the level of fame he had always dreamed of. 

"You know, I just kept working hard my whole life and never gave up even after countless failures and never being recognized for my talent. Then all of a sudden an opportunity like this falls into my lap. I feel like I've won the lottery," says McCartney. "I started to think I would never get my big break and all of a sudden my phone rings and it's Kanye and, well, boom!" (hand gesturing explosion) 

McCartney had tried his hand in the music industry for years, but after a long stint with a British outfit went south and his solo career took a pause, the 72-year old bass player and singer was very close to hanging up his bass strap for good. 

"You hit a point where you begin to wonder how much more you can take of working so hard and not having all of your blood, sweat and tears pay off, ya know. But Kanye took a chance on me and it changed everything. He could've gone with a more established celebrity, but he picked me. And I genuinely have him to thank for all of my success." 

Kanye was unwilling to comment on McCartney's newly acquired celebrity status, though he did grab the microphone several times during the course of the interview to express his disdain that Beyonce was not selected Bass Player's 2015 Bassist of The Year. 


Paul McCartney to begin 'Up and Coming' 2010 tour

 Paul McCartney has announced the first two dates of his forthcoming, extensive 'Up and Coming' 2010 tour.  In keeping with his headline-making special concerts over the last few years, the tour will see the iconic star and his band play unique venues, places and locations; new cities he's never played and familiar markets he's not visited for a while.