Prince's Last Bassist, MonoNeon, to Join New Power Generation at the 2017 Paisley Park Celebration

Prince's last bassist, MonoNeon, will be joining New Power Generation at the 2017 Paisley Park Celebration (April 23rd)
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In early 2015 MonoNeon started working at Paisley Park with Judith Hill’s live band, opening for Prince in Detroit during the HITNRUN Tour. A few months after that in late 2015, Prince formed a new band with MonoNeon as his bassist. The two idiosyncratic musicians working together was a match made in heaven. Prince and MonoNeon only played six shows together at Paisley Park (a few clips of them jamming can be seen on Prince's Instagram page and a YouTube clip titled Laughing Stallions). In January of 2016 Prince released a track entitled "RUFF ENUFF" featuring MonoNeon, along with Kirk Johnson and Adrian Crutchfield. It was a song Prince composed and produced, in addition to playing guitar and keyboards. Also it has been said that another track called "Soul Patch" with Prince and MonoNeon can be heard during the Paisley Park museum tour in Studio A. The last time MonoNeon was at Paisley Park with Prince was February of 2016 for a recording session before he kicked of his Piano & A Microphone Tour. Prince actually posted playback snippets of those last sessions with MonoNeon, Kirk, and Adrian on PRINCESTAGRAM. There is no doubt the time and moments Prince shared with MonoNeon was definitely meant to be. It was just inevitable for the two musicians to meet before the Purple One transitioned to the afterworld.

“Prince and I didn’t talk much to each other, he knew I was quiet. When he said hey to me I would say hey back or wave. But whenever we started playing music together that’s when I would open up and he would just let me play. Me being around perhaps reminded him of himself. I will be forever thankful to Prince for embracing me. I truly miss that dude!", MonoNeon says.

MonoNeon will be joining New Power Generation for the 2017 celebration of Prince at Paisley Park. There are two shows scheduled for the celebration on April 23rd. Back in October of 2016 MonoNeon played bass with NPG, Luke James, and Judith Hill at the official tribute to Prince in Minneapolis. Check out the video with MonoNeon with Luke James:

MonoNeon with Luke James // Official tribute to Prince (Xcel Arena) from Dywane MonoNeon Thomas Jr. on Vimeo.

Instagram clips of Prince and MonoNeon:






Playback snippets from the last sessions with Prince, MonoNeon, Kirk Johnson, and Adrian Crutchfield on PRINCESTAGRAM: