Remembering Chris Squire - A Look Back at His Greatest Performances (VIDEO)

A video compilation to remember the extraordinary life of bass legend Chris Squire

On June 28th, 2015 bass legend Chris Squire passed away after a hard battle with acute erythroid Leukemia. Squire's work with his progressive rock band Yes has greatly influenced bass players, musicians and fans for many decades. He was the only member of Yes to appear on each of their 21 albums from the span of 1969 to 2014. His gritty, driving and melodic bass work raised the bar for the 70's rock scene, as his rugged Rickenbacker tone paved the way for a new sound in the bass world. Squire will be immensely missed, though his music and legacy will live on forever.

To celebrate the life and music of Chris Squire, we've gathered some of our favorite clips of the late bassist's work for this look back at his extraordinary legacy. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Here is Squire and Yes performing his band's biggest hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart" live in 1988 at Madison Square Garden in NYC:

Here Squire demonstrates the dynamic tone range of his three-headed bass in this performance of "Awaken" recorded in Detroit in 2012: 

 Here is Squire's blazing isolated bass work on Yes' "Heart of The Sunrise" from the band's fourth album Fragile (1971):

Here is a 1972 performance of "Yours is No Disgrace":

The next two clips give a great look at the iconic Rickenbacker tone that Squire made famous: 

Here is Squire's isolated studio bass from "Roundabout" from Yes' 1971 album Fragile:

And finally, here is a 1991 performance of "And You and I" from Yes' 1972 album "Close to The Edge":

Christopher Russell Edward Squire

March 4th, 1948 to June 28th, 2015 


Chris Squire: A Wonderous Journey

It was a troubling announcement that caught the music world by surprise in May of this year: Chris Squire of Yes had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and would be forced to take a leave of absence from the band’s busy touring schedule.