On this album Rev Jones not only breaks every rule of thought with his bass performance, but he also takes care of the lead vocals

World renowned bassist / vocalist REV JONES has released his long awaited debut release "Bakwash".

Rev Jones is known in the rock world for his amazing bass techniques & his crazy energetic stage presence, as seen onstage all over the world with several major acts, Steelheart, Leslie West, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Mountain, Fuel, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Kottak, Black Symphony, Blasted To Static, Gundriver, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Forte, just to name a few.

On this album Rev Jones not only breaks every rule of thought with his bass performance, but he also takes care of the lead vocals with a very interesting sound and style. Playing drums on the album is "Motor Man" Jeff Martin, most people know him as the singer for Racer X, but he was also the drummer in Badlands, and he is one hell of a drummer. Rounding it off and completing the album trio on guitar is the amazing Jim Dofka.

This album is full of heavy rock songs with catchy riffs, intense vocals, pounding drums, and lots of Insane over the top bass & guitar soloing. It sets the bar pretty high!!!

Stream the album: HERE

Rev Jones - Vocals / Bass

Jim Dofka - Guitar

Jeff Martin - Drums

Biography Hailing from the musical wasteland known as Oklahoma, is one of the most sought after bassist in music, Madman bassist Rev Jones. Almost from the very beginning of his career, Rev has been recording and touring pretty much nonstop. He first picked up a bass in 1985, a couple of months later he played his first hand full of shows, shortly after that he entered the recording studio, and then the following year he hit the road for the first time and realized that was his calling in life. Over the past twenty years, Rev Jones has recorded and toured all over the world with some of the best acts in heavy rock including Steelheart, Mountain, Michael Schenker Group, Fuel, Leslie West, Paul Gilbert (mr. big), Jeff Martin (Racer X), George Lynch (dokken), Blasted To Static, Texas Hippie Coalition, Kottak, Forte, and Black Symphony. His masterful techniques on bass and his full force showmanship on stage has brought him international recognition. Rev's unique two-handed tapping style and his amazing over the neck fingering technique brings an incredible energy and musicality to his role as foundation of the music. Onstage he's a self-described madman intent on providing the audience with a visual experience to match the complexity of the music their hearing. When Rev is not on tour playing bass, he heads out on tour with The DESTROYERS as George Thorogood's guitar tech. As he described it "I have the best second job that there is. I get paid to work with, talk to, hang out with, and watch one of the b’b’b’Baddest Entertainers ever to step on stage". Rev also plays rhythm guitar offstage on 2 songs.

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