Black Current Jam may be Robert Hurst’s most ambitious project to date. Joined by Musicians: Nate Winn – Drums, Ian Finkelstein – Piano, Rafael Statin – Saxophone & Woodwinds, Pepe Espinosa – Percussion, Brendan Asante – Vocals, Jillian Hurst – Vocals, and Faith C. Hall - Spoken Word, delight abounds thanks to a dignified presentation looking forward to the future with ardent optimism. A central calling card by Hurst uses polyrhythms and funk to imbue everything wonderful about being “Black, Conscious of Context, and Hailing from Detroit”. At the intersection of reputable beats and visionary melodicism, we find Detroit bassist, composer, producer, and University of Michigan Professor of Music Robert Hurst. There is plenty happening here, Hurst is caught in acts of serious collaboration. 

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His Motor City musicians are locked in- step, seizing the open call for rhythmic flares and soloed intensity. The in studio jazz convergence hails Hurst’s highly significant bonds to a living state of contemporary jazz bass made superbly audible. His expertise shows off radiance through distinguished original compositions. Capturing the essence of discovery in performance fosters a compelling order. Likewise, he initiates an invigorating reverb of circumstance and musical exchange guaranteeing bright moments. The musical compass taps connections from hometown jazz and soul to the tropical Caribbean, Cuba, Africa, Brazil and back. Opportunity prevails if you can serve up a righteous feast. Musically, he does just that. Time to savor the House of Hurst.

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