Rockabilly Legend Lee Rocker Demonstrates His Upright Slap Prowess (VIDEO)

Lee Rocker Shows Why His Upright Slap Technique Has Become Legendary In These Videos
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Slap bass is not exclusively an electric bass technique, and Lee Rocker proves that with his impressive rockabilly chops on "My Baby Left Me" with his legendary band Stray Cats: 

As a bonus, check out Rocker during this performance of "Evil" with his solo band:

And in case you're wondering how to execute the upright slap technique, check out Rocker's how-to video here:


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Lee Rocker’s Cover Charge

SITTING TEN FEET IN FRONT OF Lee Rocker’s quartet at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall is like sitting on the hood of a ’59 Caddy revving its engine as it roars down Route 66.