Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Mutemath Announce New Album 'Vitals'

Mutemath is set to release their fourth LP, Vitals, in the fall

The New Orleans alternative-soul quartet Mutemath has just announced that they will be releasing their 4th LP titled Vitals in the coming fall of 2015. It will be the follow up to the band's critically acclaimed Odd Soul that was released in 2011. 

"We had a lot of songs, and we had to whittle them down to decide which the main songs were going to be that had a common thread between them," says bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas in a recent interview with NOLA. 

Mitchell-Cardenas had to assume double duty on Odd Soul due to the departure of longtime guitarist Greg Hill. But with the addition of Todd Gummerman to the lineup, the band is rejuvenated and excited about their new songwriting process. 

"Everyone is a multi-instrumentalist, and it's pretty cool because it allows for a lot of options and a lot of different possibilities," Mitchell-Cardenas said. "It's definitely been an advantage. It takes the stress off, like 'Oh, I'm not feeling a guitar part and I have no idea what to write.' Just hand it off to someone who does and then a new inspiration comes through."

"Anything is fair play for us, as long as we can pull it off convincingly," concluded Cardenas. 

The album track list and official release date is yet to be unveiled, but the band has confirmed that it will come out in the fall of 2015.

Roy Mitchell-Cardenas