T-Rex Tonebug Phaser and Chorus-Flanger


T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, introduces the fourth and fifth members of the Tonebug family of pedals: the Tonebug Phaser and the Tonebug Chorus/Flanger. The two pedals join their existing Tonebug Overdrive, Reverb, and Distortion siblings.

Tonebug Phaser
The Tonebug Phaser features a Mode switch, and two simple controls: Rate and Depth. Choose Modern Mode for a crisp, thick-sounding phase, and Vintage Mode for that classic analog vibe. Dial in great sounding tones from a deep, slow rotation to a light, watery shimmer.

Tonebug Chorus/Flanger
The Tonebug Chorus/Flanger pedal offers a richly textured chorus sound control by two knobs: Rate and Depth.

In addition to the chorus effect, this pedal also includes a great sounding flanger mode, for that weird “whooshing” jet-plane sound.

The T-Rex Tonebug series
The Tonebug Series is a growing line of T-Rex pedals built with a simple philosophy in mind: to offer the classic T-Rex tone found in our high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls.

T-Rex is scheduled to begin shipping the Tonebug Phaser and Chorus/Flanger in September.

Each pedal has a MSRP of $199.

More information at t-rex-effects.com.


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