Take a Closer Look Inside the Powerful Playing of Chuck Rainey With the Legend Himself (VIDEO)

Get inside the remarkable playing of Chuck Rainey with these up close and personal videos that offer instruction and tips from the legend himself

It is difficult to truly describe the impact that legendary bass player Chuck Rainey has had on generations of bassists through his innovative playing, so it just might be best to let the 75-year-old great explain how he does what he does in his own words. 

This first clip comes from Xotic Guitars and Effects and will give you a quick taste of the deep groove that Rainey has been known for throughout his long and successful career:

This next clip comes from our own archives and shows Rainey performing at Bass Player Live in 2014. Steve Bailey and Chris Jisi introduce the legend, who then entertains the crowd with his playing along with some insights and anecdotes:

And for those of you who truly want to get deeper inside of his bass work, check out this instructional video where Rainey takes you through his techniques and shows you how to replicate them: 

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