Take Private Lessons With Bass Legend Norwood Fisher of Fishbone

Study with one of the funkiest bassists out there, Norwood Fisher, with private Skype lessons.
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Bass legend Norwood Fisher is now offering private bass lessons over Skype for any and all players who want to learn the secrets behind his monstrous techniques and powerful groove.

To sign up: CLICK HERE

John Norwood Fisher is the bass player for the funk/punk/rock/ska/metal/soul band Fishbone. Fisher has played bass in the band throughout its history, even as other members have come, gone, and returned. Fisher generally lends propulsive slap-funk playing to the band's tunes, while holding down the band's grooves throughout their myriad changes of musical direction. He is a founding member of funk band Trulio Disgracias. He is also known for his live and in studio ongoing works with artists such as Rodleen Getsic. Most recently he has been working on a solo project calling himself Woody Weedstraw, his material is inspired from his love for pot smoking. In addition, he is part of the supergroup Mr. Green All-Stars, consisting of ex-members of Bad Brains and the Dead Kennedys. His recent work also includes Roosevelt Collier, TEN w/ Thomas Pridgen and Eric McFadden, The Big Ol’ Nasty Letdown, and Banyan w/ Stephen Perkins.

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