Tech 21 Private Stock Formula 21


The Formula 21 is an exclusive vacuum tube bass pre-amp, housed in an elegant, solid mahogany cabinet with a cherry finish. Less than a dozen are scheduled to be made and are only available directly through Tech 21’s Private Stock division.

Andrew Barta, president of Tech 21 and inventor of the SansAmp, challenged himself to build a SansAmp Bass Driver --the old-school way, with tubes. Although no stranger to working with tube amps, it was an interesting and ambitious project because certain tasks had to be accomplished in completely different ways.

The result is a lightweight, tube-driven pre-amp that gives you the flexibility to choose the power amp and wattage that best suits your needs. The Formula 21 features all-tube circuitry with four 12AX7, low noise, hand-selected tubes. Controls include 3-band EQ, Presence, Drive, Character and a Bright switch. There is a 1megOhm input, 1/4-inch output and switchable XLR output.

The Formula 21 is hand-built, tested and tweaked at Tech 21’s factory in the United States.


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