Tech 21 VT 1000 Head


The VT Bass 1000 head is a new offering from Tech 21’s Private Stock division. Weighing in at a mere 12 lbs., this 2-channel, 1000-Watt RMS head features a Class D power section. Lightweight and powerful with 2000 Watts peak output, pro players can pump out all the analog warmth of the SansAmp circuitry that was designed to recreate the distinctive tones of SVT-style bass stacks, without breaking your back

Like its 300-Watt cousin, the VT Bass 1969, each channel allows players to easily dial in complex bass tones with a powerful three-band EQ section and a full-range Drive control. The unique Character control alters the entire sonic structure of each channel, moving seamlessly between decades of different voicings from the early ‘60s to classic “super valve” to thick flip-top funk, and from gnarly overdrive to industrial distortion.
Features include a +10dB Gain switch to enhance low output pickups and allow active pickups to drive the amp harder, a switchable SansAmp XLR Direct Output, Effects Loop, an independent buffered tuner output, and rackmount kit. The included footswitch changes channels, has a Mute switch to silently tune your bass, and can also engage both channels simultaneously via the Mix switch --effectively giving you a third channel. The footswitch utilizes any standard 1/4” instrument or speaker cable and accepts power from the amp. Optional 4x10 bass speaker cabinets with woven grill are available.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. MSRP: $2,495.00. Available by custom order. Contact Tech 21 USA, Inc., 790 Bloomfield Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07012. Tel: 973-777-6996. Fax: 973-777-9899. E-mail: Website:


Tech 21 VT Bass 300(2)

Whether it's clean thump or dirty earthquaking rump, the VT Bass 300 will inspire you with its wide array of tonal possibilities. Adapted from the heart of our SansAmp Character Series VT Bass pedal, you can dial up the chunky

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Soundroom: Tech 21 VT Bass 1969 & B410-VT

TO MANY OF US, THE ULTIMATE IN OLDschool soul and rock & roll bass tone was codifi ed back in the 1960s and hasn’t changed a whole lot since; hand a dude like me a P-Bass and the choice of an Ampeg B-15 combo or SVT stack, and watch him settle into hours of blissed-out riff-andgroove noodling.