The Aristocrats to Release Live CD/DVD

The limited edition 'Secret Show: Live in Osaka' 2-CD disc is also releasing soon.

The rock/fusion power trio supergroup The Aristocrats – featuring Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums – will release Culture Clash Live on January 20th.

Captured in six different locations in five countries on three different continents during the band’s 100+ show Culture Clash World Tour, it showcases The Aristocrats in full flight: Virtuosic, melodic, spontaneous, outrageous, and still having more fun than any group of world touring muzos has any right to have.

Culture Clash Live will be released on the band’s BOING Music label, and will include 8 audio tracks on the CD and 9 cuts on the DVD. Only three tracks are the same performance on both CD and DVD – all others are unique, giving fans a chance to hear how the songs evolved while on tour. DVD bonus features include a look behind the scenes at the video setup in Tokyo, an extra drum solo shot with 20 cameras, and demos from the Culture Clash album.

You can purchase your copy at the band’s webstore. The digital audio-only version will be available through iTunes and other major e-tailers. On this release, digital-only versions of the DVD will be available through LittleCast.

As if that’s not enough, the band is also releasing a 2-CD set called Secret Show: Live In Osaka, which shows The Aristocrats at the peak of their live prowess with no editing in any of the performances. The band didn’t even know they were being recorded until after the show, when they were presented with a recording by the sound man. The first 1,000 units of Secret Show will be signed by the band, and the limited release will only be available at the band’s website and live merch tables.

Each band member had unique thoughts on the tour, which ended up in the liner notes for the package. Some highlights:

“Every time we play a song live, it seems to evolve slightly,” says Govan. “However hard we might try to capture definitive versions in the studio, the true nature of any given composition inevitably reveals itself during the subsequent touring process, mutating incrementally from one night to the next as we do our best to maintain the element of spontaneity and encourage the occurrence of little musical ‘accidents.’”

While the music evolved and the audiences made each show unforgettable, the live recording process was anything but smooth. “The panoply of technical pitfalls that ensued reached a certain comic level of absurdity,” Beller remembers. “The crowds were unremittingly awesome, only to be rivaled in ferocity by the gremlins in each location.” So the project became a Frank Zappa-style live compilation by necessity, which gave it a rollicking international flavor – a culture clash after all."

Drummer Marco Minnemann put it all in perspective. “I remembered sitting in a van on our ride to one of our shows, listening to one of the songs – which I usually avoid, because it���s sort of like looking in the mirror trying to fix your hair or something – saying out loud, ‘Hey, we’re actually not that bad!’ You sometimes just gotta let go and enjoy the real-time moments without questioning them.”

To top it all off, the band is slotted to play a four-show residency at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, CA in late January 2015 to work out new material…and then just two days later, they go back into the studio to make their highly anticipated third studio album at world-famous Sunset Sound, where Van Halen (1), Led Zeppelin IV, and Rage Against The Machine’s The Battle Of Los Angeles were tracked, among hundreds of others.

The Aristocratic musical mayhem continues…with a tentative release scheduled for July of 2015.

Culture Clash Live CD Track Listing:

Sweaty Knockers (Whittier, CA, USA)

Ohhhh Noooo (Whittier, CA, USA)

Get It Like That (Whittier, CA, USA)

Culture Clash (Whittier, CA, USA)

Gaping Head Wound (Whittier, CA)

Louisville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

Desert Tornado (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)

Culture Clash Live DVD Track Listing:

Furtive Jack (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Ohhhh Noooo (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Lousville Stomp (Manchester, UK)

Get It Like That (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Culture Clash (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Blues Fuckers (Mexico City, MX)

Gaping Head Wound (Mexico City, MX)

Desert Tornado (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Living The Dream (Zoetermeer, NL)

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