Parallels will be released by artistShareon October 5th, 2018

For his third full-length album, two-time Emmy-nominee David Ricard brings his 18-piece big band into uncharted waters.

While previous records leaned more toward quirky and fun (think "Swan Lake" meets "Sing! Sing! Sing!" or a surf guitar version of "God Rest Ye Merry"), PARALLELS marks the band's first foray into what the composer calls “sorta serious” music.

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PARALLELS will be released byartistShareon October 5th, 2018.​

PARALLELS’ concept dates back to the composer’s childhood.

The album explores the parallels between his own life, art, and music with those of his father.

​Jack Rickard was a prolific illustrator whose work has been adored by millions.

His output as a cartoonist for advertising, movie posters, and most notably, the covers of MAD Magazinereflect an eerily-similar career arc to David’s.

Band personnel includes stand-out newcomers from the country's best jazz schools along with top-of-their game studio musicians from Los Angeles and New York.


Chad Willis, Dave Richards, Wayne Bergeron, Anne King, Mike Cottone, Josh Aguiar, Blake Martin


Dave Ryan, Erik Hughes, Sean Shackelford, Dennis Rollins, Juliane Gralle, Jake Kraft


Doug Webb, Geoff Nudell, Aaron Heick, Michael Czaja, Noah Preminger, Dave Thomasson, John Mitchell, Kyle O’Donnell, Brian Clancy, Stephen Taylor

Rhythm Section

Piano: Brandon Covelli, Jordan Seigel, Bill Fulton

Guitar: Will Brahm, Matt Hornbeck, Grant Geissman, James Leibow

Bass: David Ricard

Drums: Sammy K

Vibes/Percussion: Billy Hulting 

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