The Real World: Jesse Nemerofsky

Home base Rhode Island
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Home base Rhode Island
Occupation Medical records, bass guitarist/composer
Gigs Men Overboard
Basses Manne Soulmover, Manne Newport 4-strings
Rig TC Electronic BH800 head, TC Electronic RS212 2x12 cab, TC Electronic BG250 1x15 cab
Effects Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI Preamp, TC Electronic Spectra Comp Compressor, TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Looper, Eden CaliforniWah
Strings D’Addario, Rotosound
Heroes & inspirations Carol Kaye, James Jamerson, Monk Montgomery, Chuck Rainey

How did you come to play bass?
The two players who really moved me were Carol Kaye and Joe Osborn.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?
Learning jazz theory, which made my construction of bass lines more dynamic creatively, and always ’shedding with a metronome to build the quality of impeccable time, essential for a bass player.

What are your musical goals?
To create interesting bass lines, to continue having Men Overboard play on TV for more exposure and support our recording, and to continue writing tunes for the band.