The Real World: Rich Flint

Home base Torrington, CT
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Rich Flint

Home base Torrington, CT
Occupation Starving musician with a paying job
Gigs Tear Gas Union
Basses My main basses are an ’80s-era Rickenbacker 4003 and an ’80s Aria Pro II SB Elite. I also own an ’86 Charvel 2B and a 2000 Fender Precision USA.
Rig Tech 21 Landmark 300 heads, Tech 21 B410 4x10 cabinets, and an Ampeg BA110 1x10 for home practice
Effects Dunlop Bass Wah and MXR Phase 90—no digital stuff
Strings Rotosound Swing Bass or Dean Markley Blue Steels, played with .88mm TGU custom picks
Heroes & inspiration My biggest bass hero is Geezer Butler, who has a style and sound that cannot be duplicated. Being a pick player, however, I’ve honed my style listening to players such as Lemmy, Pete Way, Dennis Dunaway, and other hard rock/metal pick-wielding bassists.

How did you come to play bass?

I started with guitar around age 12 and learned the scales and single-note “starter” tunes. When it came to chords, I had issues with finger placement (I’ve gotten better!) which led to frustration, so I quit the lessons. At around 17 I got the urge to play something again and thought about guitar, but remembered the chord frustration, so the bass was the obvious solution. I love it! I still pick up the guitar from time to time, but I would never trade it for my bass.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

I took some music theory as an adult and was surprised at how everything just fell together. You never stop learning!

What are your musical goals?

To keep playing heavy music for myself and for anyone who will listen. You are never too old to play the music that you love. I’ve played on a few albums with a few bands, and I’m still waiting for that big payday. No, really, love what you play—it is all that matters!

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