The Real World(2)

Name Dave BaronHome base New YorkOccupation Camera assistant for NBC’s 30 RockGigs The Georgia 5, Huggy Bear & The Sweathogs, The Twelve (a rock musical)

Name Dave Baron
Home base New York
Occupation Camera assistant for NBC’s 30 Rock
Gigs The Georgia 5, Huggy Bear & The Sweathogs, The Twelve (a rock musical)
Basses Lakland USA Joe Osborn, Spector NS5XL-CRFM, Fender Marcus Miller Jazz
Rig Eden WT1205, Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 610
Strings, etc: DR Strings Lo-Riders
Heroes & inspiration Donald “Duck” Dunn, Graham Maby, James Jamerson, John Entwistle, Will Lee
How did you come to play bass? I was 16 and a frustrated guitar player. I had no equipment and no clue what the bass was supposed to do, but I got drafted to play it in my first trio.
What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way? Since a typical bar crowd just wants to be entertained, the band has to serve that function or the best chops in the world don’t mean a thing. It’s not enough to just get up and play songs. If a connection isn’t made with the audience, the gig is a failure.
What are your musical goals? My biggest goal is simply to keep playing despite my job taking up an enormous amount of my time. A typical week at 30 Rock is 60 to 70 hours, which doesn’t leave much time to practice or perform. But if I can play one or two gigs a month, I’m happy.

Name Roger Alcantara (a.k.a. Mister Nobody)
Home base Manila, Philippines
Occupation Marketing Manager/ Product Specialist
Gigs Eternal Now (progressive metal)
Basses Aria STB-JB-DX/5 custom, Aria STB-JB custom, Aria IGB-35/5
Rig Ampeg Micro-VR and Ampeg SVT-210AV cabinet; Ashdown Engineering MAG-300H and two Ashdown Engineering MAG-410t cabinets
Effects Artec Twinhead, Artec Vintage Phase Shifter
Strings Snarling Dogs Nickel Roundwounds (Heavy)
Heroes & inspiration Tony Levin, Paul McCartney, Lee Sklar, Jonas Reingold, Les Claypool, Louis A. Ochoa
How did you come to play bass? I wanted to become a drummer at first, but after seeing one of the best bassists on our high school campus, Mr. Louis A. Ochoa, I decided I wanted to become a bassist, too. I eventually took a few informal lessons with Mr. Ochoa and pretty soon I was slinging the bass.
What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way? When I first started, I had the notion that I had to fly all over the fretboard to unleash all the licks I could fit into a bar. It was fun, and it gave a different texture to our songs, but it was all about me, and never about what was needed in the song. Since then, I have started listening to my bandmates to try to figure out what I can contribute to help them sound better. I want to sound like a band, not just a bunch of guys taking solos.
What are your musical goals? At first, I had very simple goals: release an album, play gigs, etc. Now that I’ve achieved some of those goals, I feel I have a more meaningful goal. Progressive rock is not a very popular genre here in Manila, and I feel a huge responsibility to introduce this music to the masses. Another goal is to help strengthen the bond between Filipino bassists from all corners of the world, so I started a local online community for lovers of the low end. It’s really great interacting with people who share the same passion.
Contact,, subsonicpinoy. (a Filipino bass forum)


The Real World

Name Travis LumpkinHome base King William, VA Occupation High school student Gigs Bad luck there, I’m afraid! Always getting canceled, etc.

The Real World, July 2010

Name Jeremy Kaplan Home base Worcester, MA Occupation Quality Engineer for a battery company (Boston Power) Gigs Jumbled Mess (original band), Drivin’ Rain (cover band), BFJ (praise band) Basses Marcus Miller Fender Jazz, Music Man Sterling 5, Fender Standard Jazz