I’m in two bands, one here in Osaka and one in Tokyo. Calaveras in Tokyo has an album out called Hell Will Decide, with plans to do more recording in early 2020. We play shows all over Japan and did a tour of Korea in June. Infinity Driven put out its first EP in October and both bands played together in Osaka in the same month. I got into playing bass because I was a total Beatles freak: I saw them in Chicago in 1965. Ringo’s job looked the easiest so I started on drums, but switched to bass because I needed more musicality than drums offered. My first bass was a Gibson EB-O: I play four-string basses. ESP, the company I work for, built me a bass several years ago that is extra long scale, so I string it with the B, E, A, D strings from a five-string set. My current bass is a BC Rich Mockingbird, built for me in 1978. I also have a BC Rich Bich eight-string and a 1964 Fender Precision. The secret of good bass playing? Persistence!