Timothy B. Schmit Announces Spring East Coast And Midwest Tour

TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT-in the midst of a January West Coast run of shows-has announced a spring East Coast and Midwest leg in support of LEAP OF FAITH
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TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT-in the midst of a January West Coast run of shows-has announced a spring East Coast and Midwest leg in support of LEAP OF FAITH, his new 12-track solo album. LEAP OF FAITH is available now via Benowen Records as a 180 gram 2-LP vinyl set, CD and digitally. For exclusive bundles, visit (here) iTunes (here).

For the East Coast run which kicks off April 18 in Chicago, the groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco and his band will perform songs from TIMOTHY's four-decade long career. Expect more tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

The Orange County Register reviewed TIMOTHY's sold-out show on January 7 (Coach House, San Juan Capistrano), with writer Tony Saavedra noting:

"There's no mistaking that voice, that crystal voice, cutting through the harmonies, soaring on solos. The backbone of the Eagles' sound. The voice of Timothy B. Schmit.His songs, including 'I Can't Tell You Why,' 'I Don't Want to Hear Anymore' and 'Love Will Keep Us Alive,' were the gems of the Eagles' last couple of albums. They're the songs that make an audience collectively swoon. Be it on background or lead vocals, Schmit - like his predecessor in the Eagles, Randy Meisner--is a jewel. And he shined Saturday, fronting his own band, playing his own music, at a sold-out Coach House in San Juan Capistrano....his own songbook, taken from the past 40 years, is a strong and lively mix of life-affirming country-rock and funk. At times playful. At other times soulful, but always engaging. While pleasant enough in their recorded form, these songs need to be experienced live. They take on a whole new energy and a charm that can only be lent by the graceful Schmit, who at 69 still has that boyish wonder belying his rock star persona. He started off Saturday with 'One More Mile,' a swampy, backwater piece of Americana that shows off Schmit's skill on acoustic guitar and set the tone for the show. Schmit quickly brought out his secret weapon, the Doobie Brothers' John McFee on guitar, fiddle, pedal steel, and the list goes on. McFee traded blistering guitar solos through the night with Waddy Wachtel-lookalike Hank Linderman. The vocal harmonies were especially tight on 'My Hat' and the knee-slappin' 'Red Dirt Road.' Both are featured on Schmit's new CD, 'Leap of Faith.' One highlight of a night full of them was the Poco tune 'Keep on Tryin',' done with only an acoustic guitar and a handful of voices. Just pure, unembellished talent. Schmit dedicated 'Tequila Sunrise' to his comrade Glenn Frey, who died one year ago this month. 'Wonder why the right words never come,' he sang. Oh, but sometimes they do. And in this case the right words are 'pure joy.' Onstage and in the audience."

Rolling Stone hailed LEAP OF FAITH--out nowvia Benowen Records--"a soundtrack for that sort of pitch-perfect American landscape, mixing bluegrass, Cajun, rock, Seventies soul and California country..." (9/23/16). Elsewhere, Bass Player added "...veteran Eagles bassist/vocalist Timothy B. Schmit spins some memorable yarns on his sixth solo outing--all delivered within his folk-rock, country-rock, yacht-rock, and rock & roll wheelhouse. The reggae-tinged 'Slow Down' and 'All Those Faces' establish Schmit's overall preference for rich, minor-chord colors. Downstairs, his bass leads the backbeat pulse of 'What Should I Do,' while 'You're So Wild' starts with a country two feel before Schmit's upper-register riffing provides the subhook in the edgy chorus. Closing matters is the horn and accordion-infused ballad gem, 'This Waltz'" (December 2016).

TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT--the groundbreaking vocalist, songwriter and bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco--recorded the 12-track solo album in his Los Angeles studio with co-producer with engineer Hank Linderman. LEAP OF FAITH marks the culmination of SCHMIT's unhurried, yet inspired reflections of life. Illuminated by an array of fine musicians and singers, the new album plays like a multicolored corona around SCHMIT's distinctive artistry. From the jaunty opening track "My Hat" to the soaring harmonies and heartfelt reflections of "This Waltz," this is more than another album in a great artist's catalog. Writing and recording between touring with the Eagles, the songs on LEAP OF FAITH have a broad compass. "Slow Down" is a note to self on escaping life's pressures coasting along on a reggae pulse sweetened by jazz giant Gary Burton's vibraphone, while "What I Should Do" has a Muscle Shoals feel; steamy, funky, and sensual. On "Goodbye, My Love," he takes us deep down into traditional country with Paul Franklin's glistening steel guitar layered over the changes. And on "It's Alright," his most intimate song, SCHMIT needs only his own acoustic guitar to express profound love.

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