Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Jerry Jemmott

Trickfish is honored to welcome bassist, composer, producer, historian and educator Jerry Jemmott to its growing list of endorsers.

Trickfish is honored to welcome bassist, composer, producer, historian and educator Jerry Jemmott to its growing list of endorsers. A two time Grammy Award winner, Jerry was one of the pre-eminent session bassists of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

His legendary body of work with Aretha Franklin, BB King, King Curtis, Nina Simone, Les McCann and Eddie Harris, Gil Scott Heron, Erma Franklin, The Rascals, Roberta Flack, Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, George Benson, Duane Allman, and Herbie Hancock among many others were the foundation upon which bassists like Jaco Pastorius, Rocco Prestia and countless others built their own legacies. As BB King put it “He never does anything just because it’s right to do; he likes to do it because it feels good doing it. He would come up with things that fit…Quincy Jones has a way of working with people where he’ll get them together and say ‘Okay, get into something. Jerry was the same way….Jerry was very concerned.” You can see Jerry in a starring role in the new feature film,Jaco; the life story of his legendary disciple. He also has a cameo solo performance in the film “Mitchellville and “Four Founders”, an upcoming feature film documenting the contribution of seven seminal players who brought the bass to the fore front through their prolific work.

“Jerry’s bass parts in “The Thrill is Gone” by BB King and his soulful, deep pocket on Aretha’s “Think” would be enough to ensure a solid career for any bassist, but the scope of his work and his impact on the people around him are the factors that make him a true living legend. If you play anything on a bass that is remotely related to Rhythm & Blues, you owe Jerry and a few others a deep sense of gratitude.” states Trickfish founder Richard Ruse. “We as bassists have so much more to learn from our Grandfathers and Fathers of bass. Jerry is a true “Griot” who’s brimming with the history of the feel and soul of the times. We are humbled to have him as the Godfather of the Trickfish Family and, on a personal note, I’m honored to call him a friend.”

“There was a fair bit of Karma in meeting Richard as we had run into each other at Bass Player Live and then again on Facebook.” said Jerry. “I had a bass for sale and Richard was interested so I gave him a call. Our first conversation lasted at least an hour and we realized we shared not just a love of music, but shared people, places and, maybe most importantly, a profound respect for the power of Karma in our lives. At this point I didn’t even know Trickfish existed, but Richard told me about the company, the people and their goals and I just had to hear a rig. I now have a Bullhead 1K and a SM112 and I have to say that this is the most musical rig I’ve ever owned. That head is incredible – I can get just about any sound I need and the cabinet is constructed like a tank. I’m in Havona as Jaco would say…”

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