Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Jimmy Haslip to Their Family of Artists

Trickfish is honored to welcome legendary bassist, producer, composer and multiple Grammy Award winner Jimmy Haslip to its growing list of endorsers.
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Trickfish is honored to welcome legendary bassist, producer, composer and multiple Grammy Award winner Jimmy Haslip to its growing list of endorsers. Best known for his groundbreaking work with the Yellowjackets, Jimmy Haslip continues to explore new music frontiers and grow as a player and producer. His resume is substantial: performing and recording over the last 40 years with Yellowjackets, Donald Fagen, Tommy Bolin, Harvey Mandel, Jeff Lorber Fusion, Bruce Hornsby, Terry Lyne Carrington, Take 6, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Gino Vannelli, Kiss, Allan Holdsworth, Marilyn Scott, Bobby McFerrin, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau, and Anita Baker to mention but a few. His compelling urge to push musical boundaries and seek greater levels of artistic awareness is the essence of his success and what ultimately attracted him to Trickfish Amplification.

Haslip had been in the Yellowjackets for 32 years when he decided to take a sabbatical, re-boot his personal life and share his vast experience with others in the role of producer and composer. As a player/composer/producer Jimmy has flourished, becoming an integral component in several bands comprised of peers like Jeff Lorber, Oz Noy, Robben Ford, Vinnie Colaiuta, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Kinsey and Virgil Donati. As a producer he’s involved in a variety of projects from all musical genres where his experience, nuance, skill and empathy help him reveal an artist’s true musical nature.
“I’m sensitive to sound and maybe that makes it difficult when it comes to choosing an amplifier, one that I feel allows me to be myself. I had been struggling with various amps and wondering what to do when I ran into Trickfish founder Richard Ruse at Vinnie Colaiuta’s birthday party.” states Haslip. “Richard told me he had started a new bass amplifier company and he shared the background on the gear and the people involved. It all sounded pretty fascinating. He offered to bring a rig out to a gig I was on with Dave Weckl and Oz Noy and I used it for two nights. It’s everything I was looking for - warmth, balance, punch and power. The sensitivity or speed of the amp is amazing and the dynamic range is so musical… It was such a relief to just let go and play music without thinking about the amp. I love it and look forward to getting to know it better.”

“We are very humbled and honored to have a musician of Jimmy’s stature choose Trickfish” states Ruse. “The gig he refers to was an epic night of musicianship and music. The band was so dynamic and Jimmy’s artistry, tone and emotional commitment to the music were conveyed through the rig without impediment or hesitance. And, quite frankly, we love him. Jimmy is not just a legend but an intelligent, warm, caring person - it really feels natural and all of the Trickfish artists are deeply honored to be associated with him. Maybe that’s the real deal – when your peers are proud you’re a new member of their family. We look forward to many, many years of this important partnership”

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