Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Latin Jazz Bass Legend Rene Camacho

Trickfish is honored to welcome Afro-Cuban, Funk and Jazz Master Rene Camacho to the Trickfish family.
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Trickfish is honored to welcome Afro-Cuban, Funk and Jazz Master Rene Camacho to the Trickfish family. Based out of Los Angeles this highly respected and very in-demand bassist is at home on both acoustic and electric bass. His major credits include Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Sergio Mendes, Ry Cooder, Michael Bublé, Oscar Castro Neves, Michael McDonald, Tipica ’73, Robben Ford, Angelique Kidjo, Linda Ronstadt, Draco Rosa, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Raul Malo (The Mavericks), Rickie Lee Jones, Juan Gabriel, The Fifth Dimension, The Pointer Sisters, Canadian Pianist Carol Welsman, Arnold McCuller, Cuba LA, Mongorama, guitarist Dean Brown, Poncho Sanchez and his Latin Jazz Band, Kevin Eubanks to name a few. Currently Rene is on tour with the legendary Latin funk band, WAR.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Rene received a Degree in Jazz Studies and Composition from The University of Arizona and while the Trombone was his first instrument, he always had an affinity for the Bass. It was in college that Rene made the switch to the bass and it appears this was the right decision! Since moving to Los Angeles in 1996 Rene has had the opportunity to explore many musical ventures, both live and in the studio. When Rene first arrived to Los Angeles he began building his reputation with well-known Latin artists, most notably, a five year stint with Celia Cruz and a brief time with Tito Puente. From there Rene began branching out to different genres such as Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, as well as Rock. Rene’s chops, solid feel and steady groove are the calling card that has enabled him to record and tour with such a wide variety of artists. Rene continues to perform at Clinics and teach Master classes for Bass as well as comprehensive studies of Latin Music with emphasis on Latin rhythms from North, Central and South America, and The Caribbean.

“Even though my primary focus is Latin Jazz, I’m called on to play a wide variety of music and I needed a rig to cover all the bases on both electric and acoustic.” states Rene. “I was playing the Baked Potato where the house rig is a Trickfish set-up and halfway through the first song I was blown away with the warmth, tone and power – you’ve got to have headroom to play dynamically. On our first break I saw my friend and fellow bassist JV Collier and he was blown away at how the amp sounded in the club! We found Justin the owner and wrangled Richard’s number out of him. The next day we were in Richard’s studio playing through the gear and completely on board. Having to deal with backline gear on a regular basis I’m well-versed in the positives and negatives of most professional bass amps – Trickfish is in another league. When we’re playing spot dates I just take the head and use any decent cabinet and I’m in heaven. I can play music now and just forget about the amp!”

“Rene Camacho is such a respected, talented and experienced player but most importantly, he’s a wonderful human being. We’re honored to have him join the Trickfish Family and look forward to years of a great relationship.” said Richard Ruse, Trickfish founder. “His facility on both acoustic and electric demands a high degree of accuracy and his passionate playing requires the gear be dynamic as well. We’ll learn a lot from Rene!”

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